Zoho People

Zoho People offers valuable advantages for businesses. It provides a comprehensive human resources management system, enabling businesses to efficiently manage employee data, track attendance, automate leave and time-off management, streamline performance evaluations, and simplify HR processes.

Manage data efficiently

Streamline both your data collection and secure storage with our employee database management system. Set up your organization and maintain all your employee records in one central location.

Boost your performance evaluations

Change the way you do reviews, and see positive developments reflected in employee performance. Give and receive feedback throughout the year, use evaluation modules like KRA and Goals and customize your appraisal cycle.

Corporate Learning Management System

Zoho People’s LMS is an intuitive platform to easily create and manage your organization’s training programs. Create courses, track employee progress, and help your team master new skills.

Case Management

Most HRs need a smoother mechanism through which all employees can contact HR. With Zoho People, employees can initiate queries, and HR can sort, track and resolve issues on time, all the time.

Annual Plan

Essential HR

/employee/month/billed annually
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Database Management
  • HR Files management
  • Employee Self-Service​
  • Time Off Management
  • Multi-level Approvals
  • Module-based Reports
  • Workflow Management
  • ZIA - AI Bot
  • Office Readiness


/employee/month/billed annually
  • Essential HR +
  • Attendance marking via web, mobile, and facial recognition
  • People Kiosk
  • Biometric Integration
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Shift Rotation
  • IP & Geo Restrictions
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Job Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Timesheet Management
  • Timesheet Scheduler
  • Billing and Invoicing Integration


/employee/month/billed annually
  • Professional +
  • Performance Appraisals
  • KRA and Goals Tracking
  • Skill Set Matrix
  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Self-Appraisals
  • Multi-Rater Review
  • Advanced HR Analytics

Zoho People Plus

/employee/month/billed annually
  • Enterprise +
  • Zoho Recruit (Talent Aquisition)
  • Zoho Expense (Expense Management)
  • Zoho Connect (Collaboration Software)
  • Zoho Cliq (Communication Tool)
  • Zoho Vault (Password Management)


/employee/month/billed annually
  • Premium +
  • Cases (Employee Query Management)
  • Cases SLA Tracking
  • Self and Blended Learning
  • Course Management
  • Course Feedback
  • Discussion Forum
  • Assessments
Get started with Zoho people
The getting started guide makes it easy for customers signing up for Zoho People to understand how to start using it.Excellium features as an expert Zoho People partner available to support your HR automation requirements.

Engage your employees

As HR staff, you know that building a collaborative workplace is vital for your employees to thrive. Zoho People allows employees to track not only their activities but also their teamwork.

Eliminate the middle-man and give your people the autonomy to view and maintain their own records. With Zoho People, employees can fill in their details, apply for leave, submit approvals, among other things.

Stay updated on all workplace activities with instant feeds and notifications, just as you would on your favorite social media platform. It’s never been easier to share ideas, start a discussion, or make important announcements.

Customize the way you work

Make Zoho People work the way you do with our extensive customization of forms and workflows. Craft the system you need with fields and tabs that fit your industry and organizational parameters.

Automate your daily work tasks so that you can focus on what needs your attention the most. From having automatic field updates to creating custom applications for your business, we’ve got it all covered.With Zoho People, employees can fill in their details, apply for leave, submit approvals, among other things.

Data is key to HR; capturing data right is important for your efficiency. Zoho People’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder lets you create forms, set rules, and establish validations so that only the right information is captured.

Zoho People Brochure
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