Sage or Zoho benefit agriculture businesses by streamlining farm management, enhancing traceability, optimizing resource allocation, facilitating compliance, providing real-time insights, and improving productivity and profitability in the agriculture industry.

Agricultural industry makes a significant contribution in the real-time supply of food resources, contributing to the economic prosperity of nations. However, planning and managing all aspects of farm and grower back-office operations has been one of the industry’s biggest and business challenges.


How to Automate Your Farming

With demand for food expected to experience a projected increase, agricultural businesses need to implement enterprise systems to improve operational efficiencies and take technology from the desk to the field. Enterprise systems help in streamlining every process like farming, production, procurement, storage, and distribution. Agricultural companies can create more integrated business processes and functions through the following features

What you need
Customer Management​

Customer Service
Retail Store Management
Sales Force Automation and Performance Management
Customer Experience Management


Spend Management
Manage RFPs & RFQs
Sourcing and Contract Management

Field Management

Livestock tracking
Crop Production management
Yield measurement
Dairy Management


R&D Management
Inventory Management
Waste Management
Order Management
Employee Management
Quality Management

Supply Chain Management

Demand and Supply Planning
Expiry Date Management
Omnichannel Inventory and Order
Transportation Management
Lot tracking
Silo and Warehouse Management

Sales & Marketing

Pricing and Promotions
Product Design and Development
Pricing Matrix

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