Sage 50c Pastel

Sage 50c Pastel is easy-to-use accounting software for your business. With Sage 50c Pastel you can work with the mobile services giving you anywhere, anytime access to your business data, performance, contacts, records and documents.
Sage 50c Pastel

Features of Sage 50c Pastel

Productivity Boosting

Integration with features like Direct Bank Feeds, Cloud Document Storage, invoicing and Payroll/Payments Integration help customers to boost productivity, cut down on manual tasks and save hours every week.

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Business reporting at the click of a button

Creating the perfect report can take hours, if not days to complete. Sage 50c Pastel Intelligence (BIC) automates your reporting process so that you can focus on actually analyzing the information to make informed decisions with confidence. Use the standard report templates or design your own report templates in Microsoft Excel and update them straight from your Sage Pastel software.

Accept payments from your customers

Sage Pastel Payments is a safe and easy way for customers to pay you, using a range of simple, Secure, and reliable payment solutions. Accept payments online, face-to-face, over the phone, and through invoices with all business-critical features included as standard.

Favorite Options

Add your favorite or most used options to our new favorites option which we have added to the menu bar to allow for easy access. Easily customize the order of these options within the favorite menu for even more convenience

Accounting on the go

With Sage Pastel, you can lookup details for customers and inventory items, process quotes, invoices and sales orders from your mobile device as well as find customers near your current location.

Sage 50c Pastel Add-On Modules

The Fixed Assets add-on module handles all the tasks involved in managing fixed assets. It tracks the value of each asset for tax and accounting purposes, ensures correct depreciation using suitable rates and methods, updates replacement values for insurance needs, and maintains an accurate fixed assets register.

Working with multiple stores is almost identical to working with normal inventory or stock. The only difference is that, each time you want to access an inventory item, you specify the store in which the item exists. Sage 50cloud Pastel MultiWarehousing makes it easy to track and control inventory items.

It is an affordable and secure payment handling retail solution designed for small and medium businesses. It is easy to set up and operate, with a keyboard-friendly interface for fast processing.

Receipting is a specialized add-on module for Sage 50c Pastel. It allows you to enter data once in order to process and print receipts. You can do this without having to use your cash book. Once you are ready, Sage 50c Pastel Receipting will automatically move the receipts into your cash book for you.

Project Tracker allows you to manage your projects, associated budgets and costs while providing In-depth reporting keeping you in control of each project’s financial position.

Time and Billing
It is an add-on module for Sage 50c Pastel accounting software. It allows you to easily manage employee timesheets and bill customers based on activities. It simplifies the process of tracking time and billing customers, streamlining the invoicing workflow.

This module gives you access to two related functions: bill of materials and kit item codes. With this module, you can build, assemble, or manufacture any inventory item using other inventory items as parts or components.
This module helps you to optimize your collections process, and generate up to date and accurate cash flow forecasts from your debtor’s book.
It allows you to track items from the moment you purchase or manufacture them, to the time you sell them. With this stock control software module, each item has its own unique serial number, enabling you to track the item for warranty purposes, should it be returned to you for repairs.
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