Sage benefits automobile businesses by offering robust accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting solutions. It streamlines operations, tracks vehicle inventory, manages expenses, improves financial visibility, and enables efficient financial analysis, ultimately driving profitability and enhancing decision-making in the automobile industry.

At Excellium Business Limited, we help auto companies handle expansion, tracking both income and expenses efficiently.



The automobile industry has certain peculiarities in managing business operations. From dealer management, fleet incentives, special pricing and warranty claims, the industry engage in several programs that engage customers, partners, and employees to drive revenue. However, the key to success for these programs is tracking and measuring performance.

We provide solutions that help businesses drive better customer relations, vendor and partner management, and employee productivity. These solutions equip you to efficiently manage dealer incentives, special pricings, promotions and claims, purchase rebates, special pricing, channel inventory tracking, thereby creating an integrated solution that offers complete control and visualization of the company’s performance. These solutions can help businesses to manage growth, while tracking expenses and revenue.

What you need
Manage dealer incentives​

Get a holistic visibility of contracts and performance with dealer sales. Record transactions with dealers and calculate appropriate payout.

Fleet sales management​

Create and measure campaigns for fleet discounts to provide to corporate customers.

Salesperson commissions

Track salespersons and dealer performance based on achievement of sales targets; and incentivize with spiffs.

Parts & Warranty​

Measure competitive promotions to grab market share and outlast competition

Owner loyalty​

Create and measure customer loyalty programs

Product maintenance​

Track maintenance arrangements with customers, by assignment maintenance jobs to technicians, and monitoring the completion of the jobs

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