Zoho One

Zoho One gives you one integrated system to transform your business’ disparate activities into a more connected and agile organization. Increase productivity across your business, deliver better customer experiences, and much more.
Zoho One
Zoho One is a collection of 45+ unified, cloud business apps that create complete business management software (BMS). It even goes above and beyond a BMS and works as an operating system for your business. Zoho One can work great for small, medium, and mid-market enterprises. Excellium is a leading consultant in the implementation of Zoho One product.


Get access to financial reporting tools, connect your bank account, track assets and liabilities, create estimates and invoices, and collect payments. Track payables and expenses, manage purchase orders, track mileage of employees through geo-tracking, manage expenses, allow time tracking for project-based employees, and manage recurring subscriptions. Zoho books helps businesses to achieve what the top ERP solutions will do in a simplified manner and at a very reasonable cost

Zoho Accounting Solution Includes:

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Sell across channels through CRM, email, and social media. Access everything on mobile devices and do your business on the go. Define your sales process; use business intelligence for convenience; create quotes, estimates, sales orders, and invoices with ease, and enable digital signatures. Zoho CRM, assist businesses that are looking to scale up their sales activities effectively.

Zoho Sales Solution Includes:


Get access to a website builder, A/B testing software, visual analytics, email marketing, custom website forms, surveys, live chat, live online events, marketing automation, office suite, team messaging, and project management software. With her bouquet of marketing software solution Zoho Social among other marketing solutions aid businesses to fly while Excellium has some of the best experts and consultants in her implementation.

Zoho Marketing Solution Includes:



Enhance your support operations through email, phone, social media, live chat, self-service portals, remote assistance, process automation, business intelligence, customer happiness, artificial intelligence, CRM, and team communication channels.

Zoho Support Solution Includes:



Our HR-based apps allow you to fill job openings, do resume parsing, conduct interviews, send offer letters, onboard new employees, create company-wide policies, track in and out times, and manage time off. Create a collaborative office culture with a cloud office suite and an internal social network. Create a great employee experience! Zoho people and Zoho HR are some of the best products for HR

Zoho HR Solution Includes:


Manage orders, perform multichannel selling, manage warehouses, and access project-based billing with operation apps. Enjoy resource utilization, project management in agile, waterfall, and task boards. Give your customers access to a client portal, online store, and subscription-wise billing. Create custom apps, too.

Zoho Operations Solution Includes:



Help boost your business's productivity by enabling your team with an office suite of writing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, as well as with digital signature, note taking capabilities, and password storage.

Zoho Productivity Solution Includes:



Collaborate on projects, assign tasks, discuss ideas, and host company-wide meetings. Work on shared documents, enable upskilling and training programs, use online conferencing and remote working tools

Zoho Collaboration Solution Includes:


Find tools that help you constantly stay in touch and communicate with your team members through integrated chat and email. Our team of Zoho consultants are ready to take you through these products.

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