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This masterclass is designed to equip you with the knowledge of Bookkeeping from essentials to advanced. Sage Business Accounting Training introduces you to Sage Accounting software and other fundamental accounting concepts.

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Why attend this training?

Sage Business Accounting Training

Course Syllabus

Essential Syllabus
Setting up Sage Accounting

1. Navigating within the Sage Accounting system.
2. Creating users and assigning permissions.
3. Changing password.
4. Viewing company’s profile.

Setting up and Processing Customers

1. Creating Customers
2. Processing Quotes/Sales Orders
3. Processing Tax Invoices
4. Processing Credit Notes
5. Processing Customer Receipts
6. Allocate Customer Receipts.

Setting up and Processing Suppliers

1. Creating Supplier
2. Processing Purchase Order.
3. Processing Supplier invoice.
4. Processing Suppliers Returns.
5. Processing Supplier Payment.
6. Allocate Supplier Payments.

Setting up and Processing Inventory

1. Creating Inventory Items
2. Editing Inventory Items
3. Bundle Processing of Inventory Items
4. Inventory Adjustment

Setting up Banking Module

1. Creating Bank Accounts
2. Importing Bank Statements
3. Managing Payments and Receipts
4. Performing Bank Reconciliation.

Advanced Syllabus

Setting up chart of accounts

1. Creating Accounts
2. Producing Financial Reports


1. Setting up Value Added Tax.
2. Adjusting for Withholding Tax.


1. Setting up of Budgets
2. Managing Budgets

Fixed Assets

1. Setting up of Fixed Asset
2. Creating a Fixed Asset Register
3. Creating a Fixed Asset Category

Journal Entries

1. Working with Journal Entries
2. Processing Depreciation & Amortization.
3. Processing Recurring Journal Entries.


Most frequent questions and answers

Delegate pack consisting of E-copy of training manual.

Once booking is placed and confirmed, you will receive a mail which contains a link for the training.

Entrepreneur, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Students.
The course will take between 5 to 6 hours.
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