Using accounting software in the logistics industry offers benefits such as streamlined financial management, efficient expense tracking, accurate billing and invoicing, enhanced inventory control, optimized cost management, and improved reporting capabilities.

Logistics management is crucial to a successful supply chain delivery model. Companies that operation distribution models can take track of their inventory from sourcing to delivery through our enterprise solutions. We assists distribution companies in making digital transformation across their supply chain.


Accommodating Growth and Scalability

As logistics businesses expand, We provide solutions can accommodate growth and scalability. That offer scalability options, such as adding users and integrating with other software systems, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs.

What you need
We offers a range of powerful tools and solutions that can greatly benefit logistics businesses. Here are some ways we can help:
Delivery Management​

Inventory Delivery
Partial Delivery and Cancelled Delivery
Delivery Note Enquiries
Delivery Intelligence


Multi-Warehouse Management
Consignment Delivery
Inter-branch transfers
Damaged Goods Tracker

Customer Management​

Customer Service
Retail Store Management
Sales Force Automation
Customer Experience Management


Spend Management
Manage RFPs & RFQs
Sourcing and Contract Management

Supply Chain Management​

Demand and Supply Planning
Expiry Date Management
Omnichannel Inventory and Order
Transportation Management
Lot tracking
Warehouse Management

Sales & Marketing​

Pricing and Promotions
Product Design and Development
Pricing Matrix
Marketing Execution

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