Payroll simplifies salary processing, ensures accurate calculations, automates tax deductions, facilitates compliance with labor laws, and maintains employee records. It saves time, reduces errors, improves transparency, and enhances employee satisfaction by providing timely and accurate compensation.

Solution that make Payroll easier.

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Popular Features​

Allows the two systems to integrate for the Cash Books and General Ledgers to a selected company.

Empower your employees to access their secure online profile, submit travel claims, and manage their leave. With Cloud HR, certain HR functions are taken directly to each line manager and empower them to manage their staff directly.

Create company deductions or contributions, like medical aids or pension funds.

All required payments, deductions, benefits, and company contributions are pre-loaded, you can simply select and add any required transaction to employee payslips. It also allows you to create additional transactions if required.

Provides a single source of truth with accurate employee information, and a host of features including; interviews, training, qualifications, remuneration, and more.

Allows you to take the sweat out of processing leave. Manage leave administration and enforce company-specific leave policies, while integrating fully with existing payroll fields eliminating double entries.

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