Sage CRM

With Sage CRM, businesses can track leads, manage customer interactions, automate workflows, and analyze customer data to make informed business decisions. It enhances sales productivity, improves customer engagement, and drives business growth.
Sage CRM
Why Sage CRM​?

It improve your customer relationship and business processes with Sage CRM(Customer relationship management (CRM) .​

Gain visibility and Increase productivity for better business decision making.

Understand your customers better, provides outstanding experience to increase customer retention and increase revenue growth.

With a complete view of customer activity across the business, employees can work smarter and management have the information they need to make more informed business decisions.

Features of Sage CRM
Reporting and forecasting

the API connector sitting between your websites and your accounting system can automatically update your websites (B2B, or B2C) with real-time data from the accounting system reflecting the present stock levels, and prices.Reporting and forecasting

Customer contract management

Sage CRM makes it easy to create, file, and manage contracts on an ongoing basis. You can also pull up a contract anywhere you need to if you host your data through its Sage 100 cloud option. Customer contract management

Google integration

Sage CRM syncs with your Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Gmail for easier scheduling and email management.

MailChimp Integration

Sage CRM system is designed to seamlessly integrate with MailChimp to prevent storage of duplicate email addresses. It makes it easy to send segmented email campaigns as well as track open rates.

Source quotes faster

Your sales team needs speed, especially when dealing with customers over the phone. With Sage, you can easily pull up and source quotes as well as shipment and delivery information for faster customer service

Workflow automation across teams

Sage makes it easy and accessible for different teams to run processes faster and with more efficiency amongst each other.

Sage CRM modules ​
Sage CRM for sales

Management of sales leads and sales opportunities whilst tracking the performance of sales staff and sales teams, it also allows users to manage forecasts, schedule meetings and a lot more. It automates sales tasks such as creating quotes and orders, forecasting sales, progressing leads and converting them to opportunities using sales workflows.

Sage CRM customer service

Customer service module offers extensive help desk and support functionality so users can log support cases and quickly resolve problems for clients. Customer service enables users to provide excellent customer support to clients.

Sage CRM for marketing

Sage CRM for Marketing offers a wide range of marketing tools to manage campaigns, identify the sources of leads, generate leads and opportunities to close sales.

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