Zoho Recruit

Streamline Hiring: A quick and seamless process

Store system

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based application tracking system which is built to provide solution for hiring process and integrated into the staffing system of the organization. This software solution provides the resource needed for tracking and hiring qualified applicants which is very efficient and effective which caters for multifaced issues of the recruiters (customize every aspect of your workday and automate tasks like sending emails, updating interview status, and more).


Staffing Agency

Agency recruitment just got effortless:

This solution provides recruitment agencies a unified system in the management of all their hiring processes. The system is integrated with powerful sourcing channels which helps to source, track, and hire the best applicants.

Corporate HR

Transform Hiring with our Corporate HR software

Zoho Recruit is a platform that automates hiring procedures for both corporations and SMBs with the benefits that helps to fill a longer employee retention within a short period. This solution helps to offset the modern recruitment that comes with its problems (changing talents landscapes, increasing applicant’s expectations and evolving workspaces require hiring managers).

Benefits of Zoho recruit

Allow for easy process and Informed decision

With the automation of daily schedules and creating of alerts which ensures that tasks are carried out timely without stress and not missing resumes. Zoho Recruit generate report automatically to fix the qualified applicants for interview and track the progress of the performance.

Running background check and different hiring needs, one solution

Assessment of applicants’ background is done with this platform seamless. Assess and analyze candidate credibility give inside of those to be hired. This also integrated all hiring needs; It sources best talents, efficiently fast track resumes for interviews stressful and never omitted any great hire.

Easy access of employee referrals and Integrations of third party

Zoho recruit provides portals for pool of employee referral for recording, tracking the total recruitment procedures and gives timely information and updates; This solution can be integrated with other third-party applications, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

Build your career pages

Qualify applicants for recruitment with corporate recruit software. This platform helps to brand your career page which gives applicants an overview of the company, interact with third party platform and make application seamless.

Establishment of Vendor’s ecosystem

Grant immediate visibility to vendor’s management portal to manage applicants submitted by third party staffing companies and jobs faster.

Set up a reporting hierarchy

Provides hierarchical structure for employees based on their roles they played. This kind of workflow gives the supervisors the needed understanding of the work and other groups.